The Sub-Domain – An Affiliate’s Friend

It’s surprising, at atomic to me, the bulk of Affiliates who aren’t acquainted of the amount and adaptability that the ‘sub-domain’ can accord their promotional website activities. Set up in the appropriate way, a alone area through a host who includes assorted ‘sub-domains’ in their hosting amalgamation can ample ALL the online needs of even the busiest and a lot of adapted Affiliate.

Firstly, for those who charge to know, a ‘sub-domain’ is artlessly a separate, alone web folder, which can be absorbed to a ‘main’ area and advised in all respects as a abstracted article online. It is agnate to a ‘sub-web’, which a lot of hosting accessories cover except that it is, in it’s own right, advised as a abstracted area by the SEs rather than a sub-folder beneath a domain.

The way in which they are represented online as URLs is as follows:

For instance, if you accept a area name, ‘’ and you add a sub-domain called ‘bubble’, the URL to that accurate ‘website’ (which is what anniversary sub-domain amounts to, a abstracted website) will be ‘’. No doubt, abounding accept apparent these types of URLs online and in promo emails etc. The ‘dot’ amid the sub-domain and capital area is not to be abashed with the ‘dash’ that can be acclimated as allotment of a capital domain. For instance, ‘’ would charge to be registered and broadcast in it’s own appropriate whereas, sub-domains can be created beneath a capital area in a amount of seconds, with their own FTP password, image, clandestine and cgi-bin folders etc.

What makes them so admired a tool, if it’s not so accessible already, is that an Affiliate can actualize a abstracted website for absolutely altered articles or services, ample anniversary website with the all-important pages of content, links and accessories etc and advance anniversary to the Search Engines and added directories, around as if it were a altered capital domain. As I’ve said, the SEs amusement anniversary sub-domain as a abstracted article and assort them as such. A actual accessible adeptness if it comes to Affiliate programs that accumulation a website or webpage for their Affiliates to use and promote. In such a case, you can basically accomplish that page or website your actual own in every respect, optimizing for SEs and presenting it how anytime you amuse (provided no agreements are broken).

Obviously, accepting a ‘generic’ capital area name is capital to accepting the best out of this cost, time and agitation extenuative adjustment of creating assorted websites. If you accept a capital area name ‘’ (perhaps your antecedent Affiliate endeavor complex announcement this blazon of product) it is absolutely alone traveling to be advantageous for the one blazon of artefact or service. Alternatively, something added all-encompassing like ‘’ is traveling to be advantageous for announcement about annihilation because it has no specific meaning. For instance, in the case of announcement a Singles Dating Affiliate program, something like ‘’ would plan as able-bodied as ‘’ or even ‘’. However, ‘’ just doesn’t work, does it? (Although, I accept apparent some appealing awe-inspiring URLs around!)

The alone botheration you will be presented with, apropos the cartage baronial ability Alexa. Alexa will apprehend all sub-domains as their ancestor ‘main domain’, so the cartage baronial for anniversary website will be the same, as will all the added Alexa information. However, this isn’t such a abundant botheration if you accede that the absolute cartage adumbrated for anniversary website will in fact be the absolute for ALL of them. In my opinion, not so abundant of a problem, at all.

So, for the Affiliate at least, allotment the appropriate blazon of area name and a hosting ability that includes assorted sub-domains in their amalgamation is actual important, abnormally if there’s any achievability that you’re traveling to be venturing into announcement altered articles and services. The aboriginal hosting ability I was complex with a few years ago, answerable $10 to actualize anniversary sub-domain. The one I’ve been with for the endure brace of years, allows absolute chargeless sub-domains (contact me at one of my websites if you wish to apperceive who they are).